As we live, so we die. This is the natural order of things. Birth, growth, followed inevitably by death. Yet death need not be an event of sorrow. Those that leave these crossroads move on to the next step; the transcendence of the soul. That does not mean that they are no longer with us. Their temporal signature on our lives dwells within us and lives on within us. A gesture, a jest, the soft sounds left behind in our memories. We carry these for the rest of our days. The lessons learned, the experience of their lives passed to us, is a presence retained within the intangible current between individuals. We remember, and this carries us through our grief.

What is important is the bond. What is important are the invisible ties that bind us in life and continues after their passing from this place. We must remember fondly the moments of joy even if they may be few with the epochs of pain and suffering. For within these moments lies the truth of life. The experience of the presence of this individual that reveals to those left behind the significance of kith and kin, family, whether it be by blood or by deed.

Life is fleeting and precious and is the ultimate privilege given to us by the Infinite One, the experience of a lifetime.

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