My dear friend Alejandra posted this on my Facebook time line: “When shall we see each other?”
This is my reply:

“When the sun and the moon meld in the sky to form a land of bliss where milk and honey flows into cups of ebony and gold from trees of jade and alabaster. Only then, in a reality of nostalgic happiness reminiscent of days past, of uncomplicated joy at the breath created by the flap of a butterfly’s delicate wings. Only in this place can we come together again in friendship, in appreciation of each other and those close to us, as we sit for a meal of Thai and Japanese, sake and beer. When the earth and the sky coalesce into a kaleidoscopic array of warmth and song and the currents in the ground rise up through our feet, commanding movement and dance. Only then. Only then.”

A moment of creativity to make a friend smile and share some thoughts. Felt like sharing this.


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