I went to school yesterday for the only class I have on Tuesdays and Thursdays, Social Environment. We had an exam, meaning that I left as soon as i was done. One of my classmates is an art major and she told me about the exhibition for the art professors. It sounded interesting so I went to check it out. There were many mediums and all of it pretty good stuff. I mean, these are the people teaching the next generation, I expected the work on display to have an above average quality. I was not disappointed.

There were photographs and paintings. Pieces made from clay or plywood. There was a piece made up of paper circles with a pie section taken out and they were placed together on the wall to take the form of a Chevy pickup. All in all, pretty cool stuff. The one that struck me the most was a photograph by Professor Richard LaBarbera. It blew me away. I could spend a while describing it, but I would rather you just take a look at it (Here it is).

I asked him about the photographs and he explained to me about the series and the project he was doing with another professor up at Lake Okeechobee. He even gave me a few pointers fro someone just getting into photography. What does this mean? You’re going to see more pictures up on my photography page as I experiment with this other form of creative expression.


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