I had a good day yesterday. I woke up after getting plenty of rest. Granted, I bummed around the house for most of the daylight hours, but I got some things done. Then I went for a walk for about 4 blocks and there a friend came and picked me up to give me a ride to capoeira. I was not there in time for the class but I did get a birthday roda, in which you have to play every person in the roda one after the other. I spent some time talking to the Instructor after while I waited for my ride. I then went to the Moon Thai by my neighborhood and friends came by to spend time with me and we closed the place down. After which the group split up and I went to a friend’s apartment where they surprised me with a cake.

I had a pretty epic birthday. It was calm and relaxing and I was around people that enrich my life. People that are important in my life. That’s what matters, that those who care are there to celebrate important moments and to show you that they care. Many of us not only want that but need it as well. Never being one for holidays, as I get older I realize the importance of days like holidays and birthdays to spend with loved ones. The people one surrounds one’s self with will dictate the position of your experience on the energy spectrum. I thank these people for being in my life and making it better. I also thank those that I have met throughout my journeys, we will meet again someday. Finally, and most importantly, I thank the Infinite One for these wondrous¬†moments within the Cosmic Dream.


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