Penguins and Mangoes

I have recently made the decision to quit using Windows. Now, most of you reading this are following the fallacious line of reasoning that wild end up with you thinking at this moment that I will be going to Mac. No. I am going to Linux. Not a big deal. I am merely choosing a different operating system for my computer. Well, to give a tad bit more detail, I am also getting a new computer. I’m using the term “new” loosely. As of now I am currently typing away on a ThinkPad Z61t that a friend gave to my mom. This is because my Asus shorted out replete with sparks and audio not unlike the red astromech in A New Hope. So I am buying, from this same friend, a ThinkPad X60t tablet with Linux.

Now, when I made the decision to switch to Linux, I had no idea about Linux or UNIX at all. I decided to educate and bring myself out of the virtual doldrums those of us ignorant of computing constantly live in. I started on Wikipedia and read about Linux, GNU, Debian, Ubuntu, etc… I realized that there are so many more options available to us in every aspect of our lives that we are so painfully unaware of. Windows or Mac? Christianity or Islam? Apples or Oranges? What if I want to eat a fucking mango? What then? I’m tired of Windows and I don’t want to conform to this Apple craze. What is the best decision? Go back to the source that spawned all of this. Go back to the basic idea that allowed programming and computing to reach the point that it has today.

I can’t wait to get this laptop and expand my life experience even further. This is something I use every day. Every day I use my computer. I’m either writing, listening, watching, or reading. This is a portal to another dimension where I can connect intellectually with millions of people around the world. Why would I want that tainted by the one thing that has caused the worst atrocities in human history, profit? I would rather delve into this expression of the human collective with tools conceived and designed with altruistic intent. 

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